Why Le Marche is a Perfect Slow Travel Destination 

I often ask visitors to Casa Montalto what made them come to Le Marche ?

The answers vary.  Some were recommended by a friend; some had already visited other parts of Italy and wanted to explore more.  Others wished to avoid the crowds in the the more well known regions and cities of Italy. In trying to encourage tourism to Southern Le Marche, often called the ‘real’ or the ‘authentic’ Italy, the growing trend in slow and sustainable travel is particularly applicable to our area.

What exactly is slow travel ? Surely it’s more than taking every day slowly ( although that sounds like a great holiday), but it’s maybe also the approach you take towards the overall holiday experience. It’s not rushing around from one tourist site to another, ticking them off in your head ( we’ve all done this ), taking the photo or selfie and moving on. Often the people around you are only tourists all doing exactly the same thing.

With slow travel, the aim is surely to remain in one place for the whole holiday and really get to know it and the local people and culture. This leads naturally to a more sustainable and ecological approach as you will shop at local shops and if staying with us, you can collect eggs and fresh veg from the neighbouring organic farm down the road!

Why not wander aimlessly around the local hill top villages of Le Marche and walk the narrow alleyways that invite you to explore more. Have a coffee in the bar next to the old men playing cards or chatting. People watch during the early evening pre dinner apperitivi time with an aperol spritz in your hand. Take a slow drive through the countryside stopping to take the odd photo of the gorgeous views. Maybe you want to take a pizza making class or spend a few hours enjoying a slow yoga class.

However you fill your precious holiday time whilst in Southern Le Marche, enjoy every moment! If you do want to tick off some sights let us suggest an itinery which allows a leisurely pace!

Lonely Planet named Le Marche region as second on list of best in travel regions 2020! Come see for yourself.

“It can do higgledy-piggledy hilltop towns, gloriously gluttonous food festivals, resplendent Renaissance palaces, winding countryside and inviting beaches with equal panache, but with the added bonus that its attractions are much less well known.”

Le Marche Best in Travel No 2 on list 2020